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bumperstickers for shoes

Categories: Politics – اضافه شدن طرفداران محمود احمدي نژاد با فوتوشاپ روزنامه كيهان

Photoshopped images to show increased support of Iranian leadership: – اضافه شدن طرفداران محمود احمدي نژاد با فوتوشاپ روزنامه كيهان.

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Gillibrand Abandons Principles for Her Job

CongressDaily – Facing Challenge, Gillibrand Veers Left:

Gillibrand’s makeover was clearly on display Tuesday night. As more than a score of Democrats joined Republicans to help pass an amendment by Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., to loosen restrictions on guns in national parks, Gillibrand — once the darling of the National Rifle Association — voted no.

That was the latest in a series of Senate votes in which she has uniformly backed gun control — a sharp change for a woman who used to boast of sleeping with two guns under her bed and who voted consistently pro-gun in the House.

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Tax Deferral

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Porn star seriously considering Senate run – amFIX – Blogs

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Moran Exodus Emphasizes Obama’s Close-knit Circle

April 21, 2009 Leave a comment

Via Politico:

President Barack Obama’s communications director resigned unexpectedly Tuesday, just over three months after the administration began.

Ellen Moran will move from her high-profile West Wing post to the decidedly less powerful position of Chief of Staff to Commerce Secretary Gary Locke.

Moran was a high-profile supporter of Hillary Clinton.

Asked why she’d leave the White House for a staff job in the cabinet, Moran said: “That’s all I got for you” and walked away.

If women thought Obama was their alternative champion of “change,” they may want confer with Karen Hughes.

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Janeane Garofalo on Dissent: Then & Now

April 19, 2009 Leave a comment
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